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Why Prolife? – Randy Alcorn

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Author: Randy Alcorn
Publisher: Authentic Media (January 6, 2010
Edition: Paperback, 118 pages
Condition: In clean condition, Like New

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So much is at stake in the abortion debate.

If pro-choicers are right, precious freedoms are in jeopardy. If pro-lifers are right, innocent children are being robbed of their most basic freedom- life. Though bumpersticker slogans prevail, the facts are rarely presented. We need clear and credible answers to the central questions of the abortion debate. For those who have had abortions or are currently considering one, for pro-choicers and fence-straddlers alike,

Why Pro-Life?
provides answers to these questions in a concise, straightforward, and nonabrasive manner. Human Life Begins… When? No issue is more divisive or troubling than abortion. Many believe that we have to choose between helping women and helping children.

This book shows how critical it is that we help both. In a concise, nonabrasive fashion, Randy Alcorn offers compassionate, factual answers to the central issues of the abortion debate.

For further NOTES See also the BACK of the book!

Author: Randy Alcorn
ISBNr: 1850788669 9781850788669

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