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David Livingstone : his labours and his legacy – by A. Montefiore-Brice (1894?)

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Author: by A. Montefiore-Brice
ISBN1r: — no —
Publisher: S.W. Partridge & Co. London,
[date of publication not identified] (1894?)
Edition: Hardcover, 160 pages : illustrations, maps
Condition: Good, shows signs of wear

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David Livingstone, (1813-1873),

Livingstone was naturally indig-nant, but said little. He gave up the house he hadbuilt with his own hands and the garden he had createdby his own toil, and left them generously in the posses-sion of his enemy. Turning his back upon Mabotsa, hemarched some forty miles northward to Chonuane, thecapital of the Bakwains, and the residence of theirchief, Secbele. Here he founded his second station.

The task of building and cultivating began again,but he was cheered in his labour by the firm friendshipof Sechele. After three years of instruction and pro-bation the chief received baptism. But the people stillhung back. The country was suffering from one ofthose fearful South African droughts of which theEuropean can have no conception, and the people weretold by the bafQed rain-makers that Livingstone hadbewitched the rain, and none would come to rescue theircrops from failure or themselves from ruin unless themissionary was sent away. Even Sechele

For further NOTES See also the TITELPAGE of the book!

Author: by A. Montefiore-Brice (1859-1927)
ISBNr: — no —

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